New User Basics: Contact Record

New User Basics: Contact Record

Contact Records - when set up properly in Junxure - can help increase your firm’s efficiency by giving you a centralized location for storing and retrieving accurate contact information.

After reviewing videos in this content area you will know how to:

  • search for contacts in the database
  • navigate through a contact record and find where important contact information is stored
  • add new contacts to the database

Please allow one hour to view the videos in this section.

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Junxure Startup Screen

Searching for Contacts
Finding Contacts
Overview of the Contact Record

Overview of the Contact Info Tab
Contact Info Tab
Overview of the Personal Info Tab
Personal Info Tab
Profile Tab Overview
Profile Tab
Classifications and Keywords
Profile Tab - Keywords and Classifications
Associates Tab
Associates Tab
Account Overview

Add a New Contact Record
Add a Contact Wizard
Add an Entity Record
Add a Contact Wizard


Now that you are familiar with how to navigate through a contact record and the many fields available to store information in Junxure, we invite you to add a contact into the system. It's best practice that every employee has a contact record in the database. Follow the steps of the Add a Contact Wizard, enter all relevant information, and don’t forget to add a classification of “Employee” to your contact record.

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