New User Basics: Actions

New User Basics: Actions

Actions capture all of the activities within your firm including all client communications and interactions. Capturing actions correctly and completely in Junxure enables you to create a historical record that is accessible to everyone in the office.

After reviewing videos in this content area you will know how to:

  • add an action to Junxure.
  • search for actions.
  • manage your tasks using the pending actions screen.
  • view your Alerts and FYIs, which notify you of important action-related information.

Please allow 45 minutes to view the videos in this section.

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Sticking to the motto, “If it’s not in Junxure it didn’t happen,” let’s make sure notes of a recent conversation or task you completed for a client has been captured in the system. Take this opportunity to walk through the process of adding an action to a contact record. You’ll want to document the notes of a recent conversation or details related to a task you carried out. Don’t forget to mark the action as complete and FYI someone who would benefit from knowing about this action that has been added.

Note: you can use your employee contact record to remind yourself of general tasks you need to complete that are not related to a specific client or another contact (for example, remind yourself of when your CE credits may be due).

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