New User Advanced: Database Setup

New User Advanced: Database Setup

As a Key Person, you will be responsible for setting up your Junxure database for use by everyone in your firm, which includes customizing parts of the database to best meet your firm's specific needs.

After reviewing videos in this content area you will know how to:

  • Populate the Junxure database with contacts.
  • Create new users and establish user rights which grant or restrict access to areas/features within the database.
  • Customize drop-down lists and fields available throughout the program.
  • Set up integrations to connect Junxure with Outlook and import assets from your portfolio management system.

Be sure to have reviewed all the New User Basic training sections prior to viewing the content here.

Junxure Setup Checklist
Setting up Junxure (Part 1)
  • Establish each new user in the database
  • Populate Junxure with Contacts
  • Begin to customize your lists, specifically:
    • Classifications
    • Keywords
    • Interests
    • Source
  • Create employee groups for your firm
  • Setup User Rights as necessary to grant/restrict access to different areas within the database
Setting up Junxure (Part 2)
  • Continue to customize your lists, specifically:
    • Action Type
    • Process
    • Action Keywords
    • Action Priority
  • Setup Outlook Email integration
  • Determine setting for Email handling
  • Setup Outlook Calendar integration
  • Create File Folders for document storage within Junxure
  • Setup Account integration with Portfolio Management System
Using the Portfolio Center Import Wizard
(For PortfolioCenter users only)
Using the Junxure Asset Import Wizard
(For all other portfolio management system users)
Moving Forward with Junxure
  • Set recurring actions to remind you to perform regular data checks
  • Decide how you will incorporate sharing of Junxure best practices into regular employee meetings
  • Put together a plan for ongoing training opportunities
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