New User Advanced: Search and Report

New User Advanced: Search and Report

Rules are customizable search filters designed for many areas of Junxure. Rules help you quickly locate contacts based on criteria (including classifications and keywords) that can be used for reporting, sending global emails or letters, or finding certain actions based on criteria (such as due date or the person assigned to complete the actions).

After reviewing videos in this content area you will know how to:

  • Quickly find and retrieve information about contacts and/or actions.
  • Monitor pending actions across the firm.

Please allow approximately 45 minutes to view the videos in this section.

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Lists of contacts are used by each person in the firm throughout the year. Maybe it’s a list of a specific advisor’s clients, a list of all of your Tier 1 clients, or maybe a list of contacts that should receive a regular communication you send (market update or quarterly newsletter). Identify a list of contacts that you refer to often and using the Contact Rule builder create a rule that would produce that list. Don’t forget to make the title of the report specific to what you are searching for.

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