Outlook Add-in Missing

Outlook Add-in Missing

If installed and enabled, the Outlook Add-in should appear above the list of email messages in the Outlook Mail section.

If missing, you can attempt to manually enable the Add-in. Within Outlook, navigate to File > Options. The Outlook Options window will open.

Select Add-ins from the available Options.

Verify that JunxureOutlookAddins is listed within the Add-ins tab. 1

If listed under Disabled Application Add-ins, verify the Manage: option is set to Disabled Items then click Go.

Select JunxureOutlookAddins.AddinModule (adxloader.dll). Click Enable.

If JunxureOutlookAddins is listed under Inactive Application Add-ins, verify the Manage: option is set to COM Add-ins then click Go.

Select JunxureOutlookAddins, then click OK to enable the Add-in. The Junxure Outlook Add-in should load immediately (though it may up to several minutes to connect and process). If the Add-in does not appear after enabling it please contact Junxure Support.

1 If JunxureOutlookAddins does not appear under Active, Inactive, or Disabled Application Add-ins, the Junxure Outlook Add-in may have been uninstalled.

This can be verified by going to Control Panel > Programs & Features and searching for the Junxure Outlook Add-in. If not showing on this list, it will need to be reinstalled. The Junxure Desktop Outlook Add-in is installed as part of the Junxure setup.exe file.

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