Verify Viewable and Non-viewable Contacts

Verify Viewable and Non-viewable Contacts

Navigate to Database Tools > Data Cleanup/Correction > Contacts and double-click Group Management.

The Support - Clients With Groups window will open to the All Contacts tab. Non-Viewable Contacts will appear at the top of the Grid in red. Viewable Contacts will appear below the Non-Viewable Contacts. You can also see only each type of Contacts by selecting the appropriate tabs.

Non-Viewable Contacts will show a Restricted value of -1. This means the Record is not accessible by any User in the database and is most likely deleted.

To restore a Non-Viewable Contact, select the Contact Record from the list to highlight it then click Change group to <Everyone>. The Contact will disappear from the Non-Viewable Contact tab.

Viewable Contacts will show a Restricted value of 0 (zero) or greater. If 0, the Contact Record Owner is <Everyone> (accessible by all users), and will not show a GroupName.

If any other value, the Record Owner is a specific Employee Group in the database. The Grid will display the name of the Group. Only Users who are members of that Group will have access to that Record.

You can change the Record Owner Group of any Contact to <Everyone> by selecting the Contact Record from the list and then clicking Change group to <Everyone>.

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