Viewing Action Edit History

Viewing Action Edit History

Navigate to Database Tools > Data Cleanup and Correction > View Edits.

Click View All Database Edits.

In the window that opens, select a date range wherein the Action may have been created, modified, or deleted. Then select tblClientActions from the list. It is our recommendation to sort by Date or Action header. The Primkey is the Action ID.

The Grid will show you the Employee that INSERTED (created), DELETED, or UPDATED a value (field) within the Action.

The area below will show the values for the fields when INSERTED or DELETED. If UPDATED, the grid will show the old value and the new value it was changed to.

The information available in this Grid is dependent on how long your firm is keeping the audit logs. If at any point, the amount of days to keep edits was reduced or the Audit Edits table was cleared for a database shrink, you may not see data for any day prior to a specific date or timeframe.‚Äč
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