Hide Extra Tabs

Hide Extra Tabs

Want to simplify your view? Hide the Contact Record tabs in Junxure that your firm doesn’t use.

Get started:

  1. Navigate to System Setup > Employee Groups.
  2. Under GroupName, create a new Group named No One (or see if a similar Group already exists).

  3. Leave all of the employee boxes to the right unchecked.
  4. Navigate to System Setup > Setup User Rights.
  5. Click Clients – Tabs.
  6. To the right, select the tab to hide.
  7. Set the Security Level Group to No One.

  8. To apply these changes, you will need to close Junxure and log back in.
Hiding Contact Tabs is a global option that will affect the entire firm. See your Key Person or Principal about setting up your firm's contact record tabs.
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