Take Messages in Junxure

Take Messages in Junxure

Does this sound familiar?

A client calls to speak to the advisor, who is in a meeting with another client. Does your office still use something like this notepad to take a message for the call? Do you transfer the call into voicemail? Perhaps you send an email to the person with the caller's request in the body of the email?

Why not use Junxure to help you manage phone messages by creating and using a “Call Back” Action Template in Junxure?

Creating an action template for call backs allows the person taking the call to record the original call date/time in the contact’s record in Junxure along with notes, reason for the call, phone number to use upon call back as well as a preferred call-back time. This can easily be assigned to the person responsible for calling the contact, providing all details necessary, allowing the employee to see this call-back request on their pending action’s list. Even better is in the same action, in the follow up action notes box, the employee can make notes of the date/time of their call-back along with any applicable notes from their conversation.

Benefits of using a call-back action template:

  1. Do away with those paper messages! No more misplaced scraps of paper - all information about a call is contained in Junxure
  2. Capture an accurate timeline of the call. Now you can see how long it takes for clients to receive a call back, or how often a client calls.
  3. Reassign calls when anyone is out of office. When someone is out of the office and not checking voicemail, it is easy to reassign pending call-backs to someone else for immediate attention.

Have a phone message from someone who does not have a contact record in Junxure?

No problem. Either add the person as a contact record in Junxure if applicable (for example – a potential prospect is calling in response to a newsletter they saw in their CPA's office) or create the action in the contact record of the employee for whom the message is for.

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