Junxure Desktop Main Menu

Junxure Desktop Main Menu

The Junxure Main Menu appears when you first log into Junxure. This screen enables you to navigate all critical operations, reports, and functions.

  • The Top Menu includes options for:
    • A drop-down View Menu, which includes Business Metrics Dashboard, Queues, Opportunity Dashboard, and the People List.
    • Other options on this menu include: View My Pending Actions, View Last 20 Contacts, and Actions, as well as the option to search for Actions, access the Help Options and the Firm Dashboard.
  • The section boxed in green above navigates to functions throughout Junxure including Reports, Letters, and setting up your system.
  • The section boxed in red displays links to important resources, such as a reminder to back up your database, the Junxure Search tool, the latest newsletter and alerts for upcoming office hours.
  • The section boxed in blue above contains panels that display contact data, including the last 20 contacts and a search feature.
  • The Support ID feature (boxed in red above) is your identifying number when you contact Junxure support with inquiries.
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