Search Contacts Using Super Search

Search Contacts Using Super Search

The Super Search feature enables you to search for contacts by matching across many of the contact data fields. Click on the Super Search option in the left column to access a screen similar to that shown below.

Scroll down the list to the appropriate field(s) in Junxure. Type into the Search Criteria box to find the criteria. The Extended Criteria column allows you specify the kind of match you're looking for. For example, for text you have the options of “Contains Text” or “Exact Match”.

Once your criteria and match parameters are in place, click “Search” in the upper right hand corner.

A results window similar to the screen below will be displayed. The top window shows the criteria that was used. The area below the Search Criteria displays the search results. Single click on any line item to preview the contact data highlighted in the blue area. To view any contact record, simply double click on the contact's line in the center grid.

To edit your search criteria, click on Edit Search Criteria in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This can also be use to search for criteria in a different field.

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