Actions Management: Action Search Form

Actions Management: Action Search Form

The Action Search Form is an advanced feature to search for Actions across the entire database. This feature is used to search for Actions by certain criteria such as the Date, Type, Employee, or any combination of the criteria.

To search for Actions, follow the steps below:

Go to People > Actions Management or Reports > Reports List > Actions. Double-click the Action Search Form option in the far right column to run the report.

The Actions Search Form launches. Complete the following fields and then click Search in the top menu.

  • If you know the Action ID, enter it in the field provided.
  • Select an Employee using the drop-down if this is relevant to your search.
  • You may search by Client, Date, or Type using the fields provided.
  • The Note, Action Description, and Action Note fields search text entered in the Action Notes boxes. It is not necessary to type the entire word and better results may be produced if a partial word is used.
  • You may select Action Required or No Action Required by selecting one of the checkboxes provided. This will further filter your search.
  • You may also choose the Action checkboxes Completed or Uncompleted by choosing a checkbox in the right column.
  • Using the other fields such as Action Assigned To and Completed By will help you further filter your search.

Filling in too many details may eliminate all results. All search parameters are inclusive. If you enter the Employee, Client, and Date, the results must match all three parameters.

Results from your search appear in the grid beneath the search fields. You may click Edit Action Item or View Client to view more information. Action Detail screens can also be opened by double clicking on the appropriate line item in the grid.

To reset the search criteria, click Clear Search Form.

Please see Notes on Printing Junxure Reports for instructions on how to print reports.

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