Actions Management: Global Action Sequence Wizard

Actions Management: Global Action Sequence Wizard

An Action Sequence is a pre-defined series of Action steps or tasks that are required to complete an activity. Action Sequences provide consistent experiences for all clients and ensures that all steps in a process are assigned. Action Sequences save time by adding several Actions at once instead of creating each one individually. Use the Global Action Sequence Wizard to add an Action Sequence to contacts globally or individually by rule.

There are two ways to access this feature in Junxure. Go to the Global Action Sequence Wizard from the Reports > Reports List > Global Reports menu.

Or go to People > Actions Management > Actions > Global Action Sequence Wizard. This will launch the Add Action Sequence window.

Your contacts will be listed in the right grid alphabetically by Last Name.

  • In the Sequence to Add field, select an action sequence from the drop-down menu. You may edit the sequence by clicking Edit Sequence. Your changes will not alter existing sequences but will be reflected in all future action sequences.
  • Choose a Start Date to Use using the drop-down menu provided. The start date is automatically populated with the current system date.
  • Choose an Employee from the Emp Adding Action drop-down menu.
  • If Keywords need to be added with this sequence, click the Add Keyword checkbox and Junxure will display a drop-down menu with all available action keywords.
  • In the Rule Category field circled in blue, choose "Select All Contacts" to run the report on all actions in the database, "Select Client" to run on a single contact, or select the Rule Category Name or "All" to see all current Rules in the database. See Creating New Rules for more information.
  • Use the Rule Name menu to apply an existing rule or click New Rule to create a new rule.

In the right grid, a list of the contact(s) who fit your chosen rule (if applicable) will be listed. Uncheck the names of the contacts to remove them from the list and click Remove Unchecked (circled in red). If the rule did not produce the desired results, use New Rule or Edit Rule to adjust accordingly.

To automatically remove contact names when they are unchecked, click the Auto Remove Unchecked People checkbox.

To add the action sequence to your selected contacts, click Add Action Sequence on the top menu. A pop-up window appears alerting you that all the actions will be added to the contacts’ records. Click Yes to add the actions to all the contacts. Click No to cancel.

A confirmation window appears notifying you that the actions were added to the number of contacts meeting the requirements of the rule. Click OK to clear the message.

Click on Close on the top menu when you are finished.

See Existing Action Sequences Report to review all existing Action Sequences currently pending in Junxure.

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