Actions Management: Global Action Wizard

Actions Management: Global Action Wizard

The Global Action Wizard is also the Letter/Envelope Wizard. The Letter/Envelope Wizard will allow you to create an Action (with or without a Letter or Envelope) and apply the Action to multiple Contact Records.

See Also: Letter/Envelope Wizard

To create a single Action and apply it to multiple Contact Records, navigate to People > Actions Management > Global Action Wizard.

When you double-click Global Action Wizard you will get the Letter/Envelope Wizard. Click Next.

On the following page also click next. If you are not creating letters, nothing needs to be done on this page.

On the next page you can filter your Contact Records by Rule. Choose or build a Rule and click Next.

The following page shows a grid of the Contact Records that meet the selected Rule. Now you can click the check box on the left side to remove any unwanted Contact Records. Once you have selected the Contact Records you wish to assign the Action to, click Next.

In the next window clear the checkbox for Create Labels/Envelopes and make sure that Record in Actions is selected.

Now create the Action that will be applied to the Contact Records selected. This will be similar to building a single Action within a Contact Record. You can choose also to have Action Required or have this Action completed on add. Fill out the necessary information for this Action and click Next.

The next window gives confirmation of selections made and the option to Print Recipient List. Click Finish.

A confirmation window opens, click yes to record Actions.

The Letter/Envelope Wizard Window now shows a progress bar and an Exit Wizard Window will come up asking if you would like to exit the wizard. All Records selected should now have the Action built applied.

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