Actions Management: Global Add Deliverable Wizard

Actions Management: Global Add Deliverable Wizard

A Deliverable can be used for any task that occurs based on a time frame (for example: meeting with a client once a year) but is not specific to a date (for date-specific tasks, see Adding Recurring Actions). Junxure will look for the last occurrence of a task and count the given time frame before adding a new task. This is helpful if the task cannot be completed on an exact date due to a conflict such as scheduling delays, paperwork issues, etc.

Deliverables can be grouped into multiple actions (called Deliverable Sets) to provide a quick way to implement Service Levels for your practice. For example, Platinum Level clients may get an Estate Review every 2 years, a Retirement Plan run every 3 years, but a Investment Review meeting every 6 months. Your Gold clients may get a Investment Review meeting once a year, and a Retirement Plan every 3 years. To see how to add a Deliverable to a single client's record, please see Creating A Deliverable.

This option can be accessed in two ways:

  • Choose Global Add a Deliverable Wizard from the Reports > Reports List > Global menu.

  • Go to People > Actions Management > Actions Management Reports.

This will launch the Global Add Deliverables window.

Choose which Deliverable will be added by checking it in the area boxed in red.

In the Select Rule section, select one of these options from the drop-down menu next to the Rule Category field: "Select All Contacts" to run the report on all actions in the database, "Select Client" to run on a single contact, or select the Rule Category Name or "All" to see all current Rules in the database. See Creating New Rules for more information.

Use the Contact Rule Nm to select an existing rule by name or click New Rule to create a new rule. Click Apply Rule, and the grid to the right will update with the results.

Use the Select (Here are the people who will get this sequence) column to select contacts by checking the box in each row manually or click on Select All to choose all contacts.

To see the list showing only those contacts with check marks click Remove Unchecked. Click Add Deliverables (circled in red) at the top of the window below.

Junxure will give you a confirmation screen when it is complete. Click OK to continue.

Click Close in the top menu when you are finished.

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