Contact Tabs Tool Bar

Contact Tabs Tool Bar

The contact’s Tabs Header bar provides options to quickly and easily find other clients, create Actions, run Reports, and create Envelopes or Labels.

Contact Locator Tools

Use these tools to locate clients. See Finding Contacts – Contact Toolbar for more details.

Help Movies

This button will bring you to short tutorial movies online describing the section of Junxure that you are currently viewing. This icon will show up throughout the Junxure system.

Return to Main Menu

This button will bring you back to the Junxure Main Menu screen.

Last 20 Actions

This drop-down menu will show the last 20 Actions accessed by the logged-on user. This will include Actions from across all contacts, not just the contact currently displayed.

Hidden Actions

Acts as though you are “flagging” actions that you need to come back to. See Action Detail Screen for more information.

Add a Contact Wizard

Used to add a new contact to your system.

Add Action

A drop-down menu fully customizable to your office. This will start new Actions including generic notes, tasks, calendar items. To learn more about customizing this menu and the Action Templates, see Customizing Action Templates.

Quick Envelope/Label

Print a single Envelope or Label for the current contact, giving you the option to choose which address (work, home, etc.) and which label position for most standard labels. Custom label templates can also be added.

Delete Record

Delete the current Contact Record.

Pending Actions Report

Prints a report of all the Contact's pending Actions.

Client To Do’s

Prints a report listing all pending Actions assigned to the client.


prints a meeting agenda, based on information entered into contact’s Actions.

Client Reports

Print selected information for a contact that includes contact information, profile information Actions, etc.

Client History

Print all Actions in the contact account not excluded from Action History.

Client Time Report

Print time spent on Actions in the contact’s record.

To Outlook

Export the current client to your outlook contacts.


Open a new browser tab to the Junxure Help Center.

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