Contact Tabs Overview

Contact Tabs Overview

Every Client, Prospect, Associate, and other contact that you enter into Junxure is assigned a Contact Record. That Contact Record will store all information related to your contact that includes Contact information, Accounts and Assets, related Documents and Associate information. The record is also where you would track every interaction with your contacts.

The Contact Tab within a Contact Record are categorized by Contact Info, Personal Info, Profile, Actions, Associates, Accounts/Assets, Insurance, Cash Flow, Documents, Estate and Financial Planning. You can also view the Dashboard tab for an overview of the contact's information.

To access the Contact Tabs, open a Contact Record in Junxure.

Available Tabs

  • Dashboard: Enables you to obtain a quick overview of contact data that you decide is most important.
  • Contact Info: Contains the most vital contact information for each record such as Addresses, Phone Numbers and Mailing preferences.
  • Personal Info: Contains additional contact and personal information such as Web Page Addresses, Social Security Numbers, Special Notes, and Favorites.
  • Profile: Contains the list of Classifications, Keywords, Interests and Custodians that help you manage and group contacts. Also, this tab contains Tax Information, Account Numbers, User-Defined fields, Contact Dates, Client Anniversaries, Referrals and much more.
  • Actions: Contains all the Actions associated with this contact such as Meetings, Phone conversations, Notes and Email correspondence. This tab also includes filter options such as Processes and Keyword filters as well as access to Recurring Actions, Deliverables, and Action Sequences.
  • Associates: People that have a connection to the contact such as friends, family members or business partners that currently have their own record in Junxure.
  • Accounts/Assets: Contains asset information such as Asset values, Account information, and Cost basis. Asset information can be imported from outside software such as Centerpiece/Axys or manually entered.
  • Insurance: Contains information about the contact's insurance policies such as Policy number, Owner, Beneficiary, type of Insurance, etc.
  • Cash Flow: Contains information about a contact's income sources and expenses.
  • Documents: Provides access to documents created for the client through Junxure or placed into the Company Files Folders.
  • Estate: Stores information regarding the contact's Estate documents such as Wills, Living Trusts, and Powers of Attorney.
  • Financial Planning: Includes tabs for Financial Management Assessment and Goals tracking. This tab serves to create/track the progress of goals and interfaces with Financial Planning software packages.
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