Contact Toolbar Reports

Contact Toolbar Reports

For quick access to many useful client reports, the Contact Toolbar provides a one-click solution with the Reports button. This button provides reports with basic contact information, Financial and Asset breakdown, and Billing reports.

  • Go to the appropriate contact record and click the Reports icon.

  • The Client Reports screen is displayed. Choose the reports to include in the batch by selecting the available checkboxes. You may also use the Select All button on any column to include the entire column.
  • Make sure that the Start and End dates (circled in blue below) reflect the time frame desired. When the time frame is accurate, click on the Print Selected Reports button.

When Junxure generates the report, a new window similar to the one below will open. To see how to print this report, please see Notes on Printing Junxure Reports.

Click on Close to close out the report.

Comprehensive Reports

Junxure will print comprehensive reports for the current client or using a Rule (see Rules Builder) for multiple clients. These reports cannot be broken down into their composite parts like the reports above.

Choose to run on a single client or multiple clients by rule. Click on the items to display on the report. Click the Print Comprehensive Report button to produce reports.

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