Add a Contact Wizard

Add a Contact Wizard

This wizard will walk you through the basic data necessary for setting up a contact record. For more information about each of the fields in the wizard, please see Contact Tabs Overview.

Open any contact record. Click the Add New Record button circled in red to display the new contact wizard.

In the Contact Type dialog box, click the appropriate button:

  • Client/Attorney Referral: Will automatically generate documents such as thank you letters or welcome brochures.
  • Organizational Referral: Will set up a company contact. Example: Schwab
  • General Contact: Add a contact without generating any documents
  • Copy Current Contact: Used if the contact is to be based on another contact. Example: for a relative, divorce, etc. For more information on copying contact data, please see Copying Contact Records.

The wizard will begin walking you through basic information needed to set up a new client. While information is not needed in every box, Junxure will show which fields are most important by highlighting them blue. You will always be able to add or change information after the wizard is completed, so no worries if you do not have all the data available when you add new clients. Click “Next” to move between screens.

If you have set up User Groups to give or deny access to some contact records, indicate which user group can see this new contact in the Record Owner field indicated below in green. Junxure defaults to giving everyone access to new contacts.

If this contact is a company or other entity, click the Entity box. This will remove some of the fields in Junxure that do not pertain to entities (such as spouse name, birthday, etc.) but the contact record will function on a whole as any other contact on the database. Also – the SSN field will convert to a Tax-ID field.

If a contact with the same name is already in the database, Junxure will give you a warning popup to prevent duplicate contact records. To leave the wizard to check the possible duplicate, click Yes.

Adding Address/Email/Phone – To utilize the phone/email menus, initiate the drop-down menus in the “Type” field by clicking in an empty cell. The drop-down arrow will appear, displaying the standard entries used by Junxure. Add the remaining data, making sure to mark at least one email and one phone number as “Primary”.

To add addresses, click on the Add New Address button. Fill in the details as shown below, and close the record when complete. Click the Add New Address button to create as many addresses as needed (or known). As mentioned above, you will be able to add addresses at any time after the completion of the wizard.

Continue filling as many fields as possible, clicking the Next button when data entry is complete for each screen.

Click the Finish button to add the contact to your Junxure Database.

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