Managing Contacts: Copying Contact Records

Managing Contacts: Copying Contact Records

Copying contact records is a useful and efficient way to manage clients who are divorced or deceased.

To get started:

  • Open a contact record. Click the Add New Contact icon.

  • The Add New Contact dialog box displays. Choose Copy Current Contact. Click Next.

  • On the next screen, enter the first and last names of the contact that will be created.
    • Copy Actions: Choose which Actions, Accounts and manually added Assets to copy from one contact to another.
    • Actions: Clicking the Copy Actions to new Contact will expose a variety of options allowing you to select what parts of the actions that you would like to copy over.
    • Mark as Complete: You have the ability to mark all actions that have not been completed, as completed on the new contacts record, so your tasks will not be doubled up for closed Actions.
    • Add Additional Action Keyword: This feature will allow you to add a keyword to all of the Actions that are copies over. This will be beneficial in the future when you have added additional Actions, you will be able to easily see the Actions that were copied over.
    • Accounts/Assets: In Junxure there are 2 types of accounts: those that receive manual entered Assets and those that receive downloaded Assets via one of our interfaces.

  • In the Copy Account Ownership section, determine:
    • Copy Account Ownership: This option will not actually add any new accounts, but it will add the new contact as an owner on each of the accounts that receive downloaded assets. You will then be able to see the account on either contacts' record, and you can edit the ownership at a future time.
    • Include Manual Accounts: All manually entered assets are placed into an account that is prefaced with Junxure-ID. If you enter an account on the asset, it will place that asset into a new account that looks like Junxure-ID-Account. When this option is selected, all of the Manually assets and the associated accounts are copied over to the new contact. This allows you to delete the asset from one record without affecting the other record.
  • Click Copy Contact. Your options are processed and you will see a progress message in the lower left of the form. Once it is complete, you will be returned to the contact form and you will be viewing the newly added contact.
If you have Associates included for the Contact, these will need to added to the new record manually.
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