Managing Contacts: Finding Contacts

Managing Contacts: Finding Contacts

There are several ways to search for contact records within Junxure. In this topic, we will show you how to search for your contacts using:

  • Main Menu of Junxure
  • People Menu
  • Last 20 Contacts Feature
  • View Client Feature
  • Contact Tab Toolbar

Main Menu of Junxure

The default launch screen in Junxure displays your Pending Actions. On the right panel of the screen, a Search field enables you to search your database by Contacts, Accounts, Assets, and Insurance information.

Enter text into the search box and select your criteria using the drop down menu under Search By, then click Search.

You do not need to type an entire name or word to return results. However, too few characters may result in a longer list of matched items. The search will return any records that contain the characters you entered.

To open a contact record from the Search results, double click on the row in the grid below.

People Menu

The People menu in Junxure displays a list of the firm’s contacts and enables users to search contacts by a variety of categories. To access the People menu, go to People > People in Junxure.

See People for more information on searching for contacts.

Last 20 Contacts Feature

If you have recently accessed a client record, they will be listed under Last 20 Contacts on the top menu of Junxure. Click on the contact’s name to go directly to their contact record.

View Client Feature

Several screens in Junxure offer a View Client feature that will open a contact’s record from that screen.

Within an Action Detail Screen:

Open an Action. When the Action Detail screen opens, a Client Icon feature appears on the upper-right corner of the window.

Within Alerts:

When you are assigned an Action or FYI alert, the alert window displays a View Client feature that directly opens the related contact’s record.

Contact Tab Toolbar

You may also search for a contact from within a contact record. This is helpful for when you want to move from one contact to another without returning to the main screen in Junxure.

  • Search Field: Just above the name in a contact record is the Search field. Type the first few letters of the client’s last name here and press the Enter button on your keyboard. Junxure will go to the closest record matching the criteria.
  • Alphabetical Listing: The top bar in a contact record displays the alphabet that lists all of your contacts by last name. Click on the letter that corresponds with the last name of the desired contact and Junxure will display a new screen with all contacts under that letter.
  • People List Icon: This icon enables you to return to the People > People menu to view contact records alphabetically and the last 20 accesses as well as searching by various filters based on different fields in the contact records. See People for more information.
  • Client Super Search Icon: This binoculars icon enables you to search for contacts by matching across many of the contact data fields. See Super Search for more information.
  • 20 Contacts: Displays a drop-down of the last 20 contact records that you accessed. Click on a row to open that record.

Other Search Options

You can also search for contacts using pre-existing or new Rules. See Rules for more information on this topic.

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