Dashboard Tab

Dashboard Tab

The Dashboard Tab provides a quick overview of data critical to your office. The layout is completely customized for each individual user and enables each person to choose those features important to their daily operations.

This page is fully customizable in content and look. See Customizing Grids for an overview of the different buttons and means to change the look and feel of this page to fit your personal needs.

In the upper-right corner of the Dashboard tab, the Select Visible Tabs drop-down menu enables you to choose which fields you would like to see on the logged-on user’s Dashboard. These are all fields pulling data from other tabs in Junxure with limited ability to update through the Dashboard.

A brief overview of each of these sections and link to the data tabs follows:

  • Actions: This shows Actions for the client. By using the drop-down menu circled in blue, you can view either pending Actions, completed Actions or all Actions. The Search Actions button provides multiple means for locating an Action by criteria such as “Assigned To” “Type” etc. See Actions Tab for more information.

  • Classifications: Shows all classifications as listed on the contact’s profile tab. To add a classification that is in the system, click the Add Classification button at the top of the window. See Profile Tab for more information regarding Classifications.

  • Client Info: This tab shows all the critical contact information for a client that include Addresses, Phone Numbers and Email Addresses as displayed on the Contact Info Tab. To view these data categories, click on the appropriate tab circled in green below. Also displayed on this tab is an overview of Revenue generated by this client. These numbers are primarily driven off of the Actions Tab. See Actions – Billable Time and the Revenue Tab under Profile Tab for more details regarding this feature.

  • Additionally, the Associates Tab, located in the Client Info section, shows a listing of contacts in Junxure that are associated with this contact such as Lawyers, CPAs, family, etc. Use the View Selected Associate to go directly to the contact tab for that associate or Add New Associate to create new associations. See the Associates Tab for more information on this feature.

  • Interests: Shows all Interests as listed on the contact’s profile tab. To add an Interest that is in the system, click the Add Interest button at the top of the window. See Profile Tab for more information about Interests.

  • Notes: Displays the tabs for additional notes and data as shown on the Profile Tab.

  • Portfolio Info: Creates a visual and numerical summary of assets entered into Junxure. The numerical breakdown can be viewed by Overall Assets or by Account Listing and the pie chart can be displayed by Account, Type, or Owner. All of these categories are dependent on the data entered into the Accounts/Assets Tab.

This section enables you to change the look of the pie chart. By placing your mouse over the Options button to the right, a menu that controls the Tilt/Zoom buttons of the pie chart displays.

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