Contact Info Tab

Contact Info Tab

Within contact records, the Contact Info Tab stores important contact information for each record such as Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses and Mailing preferences.

In this topic, we will cover:

  • The Contact Info Tab Overview
  • How to Update Fields
  • How to Score Clients

Contact Info Tab Overview

To access the Contact Info tab, open a contact record and click on the Contact Info tab. To add or edit information on this tab, click on the Edit Contact Info link within the tab.

Available Fields:

  • Last Name: The last name of the contact and spouse. This field is used to find the contact in the People List or using the Super Search Form.
  • First: The first name of the contact and spouse.
  • MI: The middle initial of the contact and spouse.
  • Nickname: Nickname of the contact and spouse. Junxure will default to the first name. This field is used as a merge field for less formal letters.
  • Salut: Salutation for contact and spouse such as Mr., Mrs., or Dr. The salutation can be used for letters and global emails. Click the down arrow to pick from a list of salutations. This list can be customized through List Data Maintenance.
  • Birthday: The birth date of the contact and spouse. The date format should be mm/dd/yyyy. For example: a birth date of May 15th, 1971 would be 05/15/1971.
  • Note:
    When a birthday is within 2 weeks of the current date, the birthday field will turn red for quick reference. If the birthday field is updated, the red will not take effect until you leave the record and come back in, which will recalculate the date.
  • Age: The age of the contact and the contact's spouse. The age is calculated from the birthday field.
  • B-list (Birthday List): Check this box to include the contact on birthday reports and calculate the contacts' ages. The default is checked.
  • Pref Comm Method: The preferred method of communication (Mail, Email, Phone, etc.).
  • Note:
    If the Vacation Start/End has been activated, a warning note may appear at the top of this tab notifying you that the contact is on vacation. See the Personal Info Tab for more information.
  • No Mail: This box should be checked if the contact does not receive mailings. If this box is checked, the contact is NOT included in rules even if they meet the criteria of the rules. See Rules Builder for information about creating client rules. Also, documents cannot be created for this client even through actions. See Creating A Single Document for more information about creating a letter using an action.
  • Mailing Name: The preferred name and salutation used for address labels and merge fields on mailings and templates.
  • Joined Nickname: The combination of the client and spouse nicknames. The contents of this field are displayed when using the <<JoinedNickname>> merge field on documents.
  • CLSP: This field uses the Client and Spouse nickname unless one is not entered; in that case the first name is used. The contents of this field are displayed when using the <<CLSP>> merge field in templates.
  • Note:
    The JoinedNickname and CLSP fields cannot be edited directly. These fields are populated automatically using the contents of the Client and Spouse First Name and Nickname fields.
  • Dear: Another option for merged letters to allow a different address system for your client. These fields are included in the report wizard which displays the preferred mailing address. The contents of the field is displayed when using the <<MailAdd>> merge field on documents. See Updating Fields (below) for more information on choosing preferred mailing addresses.
  • Values Window: Displays values for assets, liabilities, net worth, and total managed based on assets added manually or downloaded into Junxure from an external source. See Accounts/Asset Tab Overview for more information.
  • Client Score: Used for a client segmentation to rank clients for practice management or service levels. Customized client score criteria is created through List Data Maintenance. See Scoring Clients for more information.
  • Date Scored: Date the contact was last scored. The date automatically updates with the computer's system date when opening the client score button even if changes were not made.
  • Verified: Date the contact information such as addresses and phone numbers were last verified by your office. Tracking the dates verified ensures contact data is currently correct.
  • Verified By: The initials of the employee that last verified the contact information.
  • Last Action Type: Displays the most recent client contact sorted by action type such as a Meeting, Phone Call, Email, etc.
  • Phone Numbers: Store unlimited number of phone numbers for the contact. See Contact Info Tab - Updating for more information on adding and adjusting phone numbers.
  • Auto Dialer: This is a local option (set up by user) that enables you to dial the phone through your computer with a single click on the auto-dialer button. To test compatibility, go to START | RUN | Dialer.exe on your PC and dial the phone with this. If this does not work, the Junxure's phone dialer will not work either. Junxure cannot help you configure phone dialers.
  • Addresses Lists: Contact addresses. Junxure can hold unlimited addresses for each contact. See Contact Info Tab - Updating for more information on adding and adjusting addresses.
  • Note:
    If the Outlook icon displays next to a phone number, email or mailing address, this field will be synced to Microsoft Outlook.
  • Google Maps: Clicking this button launches an Internet window displaying a map of the address at that location. You must be connected to the Internet to access maps using the Google Maps button.
  • Emails: Stores all the clients email addresses and Letter merge fields

Updating Fields

To edit fields on the Contact Info tab:

  • Click Edit Contact Info in the top left. To add a new contact, see Adding Contacts.

  • The Edit Contact Info window launches. Changes can be made directly into most of the fields on this screen.

How to Edit Fields:

  • Record Owner: Use the drop-down to modify the group that should have access to this contact. The default is <Everyone>.
  • Attention!
    Changing the Record Owner group will restrict access to the client data by only allowing specific groups to see all of the contact's data. See Employee Groups and Setup User Rights for more information about restricting access to Contacts or portions of Junxure.
  • Dear: Edit this field if you want to modify how the client should be addressed in mailings.
  • Communication Method: Use the drop-down to modify how the client prefers to be contacted.
  • No Mail: Click this checkbox if the client does not wish to receive mail.
  • Photo: Click on the folder icon circled in red. Junxure will open a navigation window for you to choose a picture. Once the picture has been chosen, Junxure will make a copy of the picture in the contacts' Documents Folders.
  • Mailing Name: Type in this field any changes to the client's mailing name.
  • Joined Nickname: Type in this field any changes to client's (and spouse's as necessary) name. Example: John and Sue.
  • Mail Address: Type in these fields to update the client's mailing address.
  • Note:
    Mail merge, reporting, and other system functionalities will require the Contact have a primary address.
  • Verified, Verified by: Use the drop-downs to track when the Contact was last checked internally by your firm.
  • Client Scored, Date Scored: Use the drop-downs to modify the scoring fields.
  • Phone Numbers, Email Addresses: Add new phone numbers and email addresses on the last empty line indicated by the Asterisk indicator. To edit a label or number, type into the field and make necessary corrections.
  • Note:
    Mail merge, reporting, and other system functionalities will require the Contact have a primary email address.
  • Addresses: Click on the areas circled in green above to either add or edit addresses. Type the details into the appropriate fields. If written directions are available, add them in the section highlighted in blue. Indicate if this is the Primary address.

Close the Edit Contact Info window to save your changes.

How to Score Clients:

Use the client scoring feature for client segmentation purposes to define client groups for marketing, service levels and reporting purposes.

Building/Editing the Scoring Key

Setting up the scoring attributes is done in List Data Maintenance.

  • In Junxure, go to System Setup > List Data Maintenance > Contact Info Tab. Double-click Default Scoring Attributes in the right column.

  • The Build Client Attributes window appears. To add a new criteria, enter the types of attributes such as total assets, the number of referrals, wealth managed, etc. in the first row indicated by the * asterisk button. Assign weights to each attribute based on the priority of that criterion. The total relative weight of all attributes should equal 100%.
  • Note:
    To edit existing client scoring attributes, overwrite the data in the Attribute column. This will update scoring attributes across all contacts. However, if you add or edit additional Attributes once they are assigned to your clients, these changes will not be reflected in contact records. These changes need to be manually applied to each contact record as applicable.

  • The Sort column (circled in green) dictates the order criteria will be listed on the scorecard. It is recommended to set these up in non-sequential order as leaving room between them (1, 5, 10, 15) allows room for new criteria to be added between two existing criteria without having to renumber each item. (Ex: Placing new criteria with a sort number of 3 would put it between the first option and second option).
  • Click the Edit Key button (circled in red above), the scoring criteria will be displayed in the right hand window as shown below.

  • Enter the scoring criteria in the area boxed in blue above. The numerical score is entered to the left and the score description on the right. As in step 3, it is recommended to use non-sequential scores like 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 to leave room for additional items later. All scores must be numerical, but can be negative numbers.
  • Click the Save Key button above (circled in red) to save scores and close the window.
  • Repeat steps above until you have created scoring keys for each attribute.
  • Close the window when scoring is complete.

Assigning Scores to the Clients

Once you have created the scoring attributes and keys, these can then be assigned to clients. Client scores are unique and can only be assigned at the individual's contact record. Follow the steps below to use the scores you created above.

  • Open a contact record and on the Contact Info tab, click Edit Contact Info.
  • When the Edit Client Info window opens, click on the Client Score calculator that is circled in red.

  • The Client Score Calculator window opens. Click the down arrow to the right of the first attribute and select a score from the list. Repeat this process until all attributes are scored.

  • Close the Client Scoring Calculator window. Junxure calculates the client's overall score based on the weights and scoring selected and displays it in the Client Score field on the main Contact Info Tab. The date scored is updated any time the scorecard is opened even if there are no changes are made.
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