Actions Tab Overview

Actions Tab Overview

Actions in Junxure help manage Workflow, Activities, Tasks, and track interactions with contacts. Use the Actions Tab to document all activity your office has with a contact, assign tasks to employees in the office, run reports on pending or incomplete Actions track Time Spent, track Billable Hours and capture Opportunities. See Actions Overview for more information about the types of Actions and how to use them.

In this topic, we will cover:

  • How to access the Actions Tab
  • Using Action Sub-tabs
  • Customizing your view
  • Filtering for Actions

Access the Actions Tab

To access the Actions Tab, open a Contact Record in Junxure. Select the Actions tab below the contact name. A set of sub-tabs appears below.

Click on the Actions sub-tab to view a list of Actions or choose one of the other sub-tabs to set up Actions.

For more information about all of the fields available in this grid, please see the Action Detail Screen.

Action Sub-Tabs

The Actions sub-tab displays a list of Actions associated with the contact. Use this tab to search for Actions, create a new Action or edit an existing Action. Please see Action Search – Action Tab and Actions Overview for more information.

Click on the links below for more information on the other sub-tabs:

  • Processes: Filters Actions for this contact by Processes.
  • Type: Filters Actions for this contact by type of entry (Ex: Note, Email, Letter).
  • Action Keywords: Searches for all Actions assigned to a particular Action keyword.
  • Deliverables: Shows all Deliverables assigned to this contact – regularly assigned Actions that occur on a set interval, not a set date.
  • Planning Process: Shows all Planning Processes assigned to the contact and any tasks attributed to each step of the process.
  • Edit Agendas: Filters Actions to show only those with Agenda Item checked.
  • View Emails: Shows emails captured in Junxure that were sent to/from this contact.
  • Recurring Actions: Shows all Actions assigned to this contact that will occur on a set date on a regular basis.
  • Action Sequences: Shows all Action Sequences that have been added to this contact as well as the details of the individual steps in each process and the status of those steps.
  • Web Actions: Displays Actions in Junxure that are associated with a message that appears to your clients in ClientView Live.
  • Associates Actions: Display Actions linked to Associates of the Contact Record.
  • Linked Actions: Displays Actions linked to other Actions.
  • Accounts: Displays all Accounts tagged to Actions.
  • Insurance: Displays all Insurance policies tagged to Actions.
  • Opportunities: Displays Opportunities related to the selected Action.

Customize Your View

Choose from four views to display your data on the Actions Tab:

Grid View: Displays your data in a grid format with columns that can be sorted. See Customizing Grids for more information.

Extended View: Display data in a more robust view.

Card View: Display data in a contact card view.

Large Preview: Displays text and additional data with more information than a quick overview.

Filter Actions

The Action Filter enables you to filter Actions by multiple criteria such as those Actions entered by a particular employee or with the “Action Required” checkbox, etc. When a filter is applied, Junxure will display only those Actions that meet the filter criteria. This will only affect the display of the logged-in user.

To create a filter, go to the upper left hand corner of the Action Tab, and click on the drop down menu as shown here. The Filter Actions window will be brought up. Use the drop down menus to choose which criteria should be applied. When the appropriate criteria are chosen, click on the Apply Filters button, circled in red. To remove existing filters, go to the Action Filter drop-down menu and choose "Remove All Filters".

Add Action Sequence: This button will add an Action Sequence to the contact. Please see Action Sequences for more information on this tool.

View Action: This button will open the Action Detail screen of the selected Action.

Search: Provides tools for finding a particular Action by searching the actual text written in one of the notes box. Please see Action Search – Action Tab for more information.

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