Associates Tab

Associates Tab

The Associate Tab contains a list of all the Associates for the contact record. Exactly what are Associates? Associates are people that has a connection to the contact such as friends, family members or business partners that currently have their own record in Junxure. This method is recommended for adding Associated individuals to the contact record.

However, you may have data for someone that will be loosely related to the client. Junxure provides the Informational Contacts section for this sole purpose. These contacts do not have a Junxure record and only basic data can be stored for this individual.

In this topic, we will cover how to:

  • Access the Associates Tab
  • Make an Informational Contact (Associate) a Client
  • Add Associates to a Contact
  • Add New Associate Contact
  • Tag an Action to an Associate

Access the Associates tab

Open a contact record and click on the Associates Tab in the contact’s details as shown below.

You can customize the look and content displayed in this grid. See Customizing Grids for more information.
  • Add New Associate Button: Opens the Add an Associate window to add a new Associate to the database.
  • View Selected Associate Button: Click to open the selected Associate’s record.
  • Print Button: This displays a report about the client's Associates.
  • Name: The Associate contact’s name. Click Add New Associates to select an Associate’s name from the list of contacts in the database. All Associates must be an existing contact in your database.
  • Associate Type: The Associate type or relation of the Associate to the contact such as Attorney, Brother, Business Partner and so on. Click on the down arrow to select the type from the list. You must create the Associate Types in List Data Maintenance.
  • CC (Copy Correspondence): Check this box if you want copies of correspondence such as Letters or Email sent to the Associate. This will provide access to the Associate's Email Address when an Email is being sent to a client that allows you to copy important Advisors on communications.
  • Associate Note: Enter notes about the Associate to appear on the Client Associate. This field only will display 2,000 characters at a time.
  • Phone, Birthday, Age: These fields are populated automatically when an Associate is selected from the list.
  • LOA: Letter of Authorization check box that indicates that the client has signed this letter for the firm to release information to the Associate. The LOA designation is important for compliance and privacy issues.
  • View Selected Associate: Click to open the Associate’s record.
  • Add New Contact: Enable you to add a new contact. This will not start a new contact record in Junxure, only a single line item entry into the Informational Contacts of this tab.
  • Edit Contact: Enables you to edit the selected contact.
  • View Family/Associates Tree: Displays all Associates and those contacts that are associated the those Associates. This list can be filtered to show only those contacts that are marked as “Family” or exclude family. The example below shows how this is done.

Make an Informational Contact (Associate) a Client

To make your Informational Contact a client in Junxure:

Open the contact record. Click on the Informational Contact and then click on Make This Contact a Record in Junxure link in the top left of the window.

Add Associates to a Contact

This tab displays a list of people associated with a contact record. Tracking client Associates provides easy reference on the people in your database that have independent associations or working relationships.

Note for Informational Contacts: These contacts do not have a contact record in Junxure and only basic data can be stored regarding the person. You can print a list of the contact's Informational Contacts, but this will only give you the basic information. Informational Contacts are not reportable, only Associates!

Note for Children: Create children as contacts and then make them an Associate to their parent’s record. This is the recommended method for adding associated people.

To add an Associate to a Contact:

Open a contact’s record and click on the Associates tab in the contact’s details shown below. Click Add New Associate.

Select a name from the drop-down next to Select an Existing Contact or use the Add New Contact button to start a new contact record. You may also choose the associate type from the second drop-down.

Add New Associate Contact (Informational Contact)

On the Associates Tab, select Add New Contact at the bottom of the screen.

The Informational Contact Details window opens. Complete the fields below and click on Close when finished.

Tag an Action to an Associate

Associates are contacts in Junxure that are connected to other contacts that include friends, family members and business partners. This is a helpful tool for firms who receive referrals and want to keep track of relationships between contacts.

To tag an action to an associate:

  1. Open an Action in a contact record. Under the Associates tab, find the Associate and check the box under Tagged to Associate. Reminder: Make sure that your Associates are set up first before performing these steps!
  2. Click Close. The Action is now tagged to the Associate.

To view Actions tagged to Associates

  1. Go to the contact record and click Actions > Associates Actions.
  2. In the Type of Actions section (circled in green), choose to filter by:
    1. Actions Belonging to Associates
    2. Actions Tagged to Associates
    3. Actions Belonging to Associates Where Associate is Tagged
  3. Your filtered results will appear in the right pane.

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