Insurance Tab

Insurance Tab

The Insurance Tab allows you to track all of the Insurance policies that include Life, Disability, LTC (Long Term Care), Dental, Health, Home, Auto, and Umbrella for the contacts.

In this topic, we will cover the following:

  • Access the Insurance Tab
  • Add Insurance Policies
  • Tag an Action to an Insurance Policy
  • Print Insurance Tab Reports

Access the Insurance Tab

  • To view the Insurance Tab, open a contact record. Click on the Insurance Tab. This provides Insurance information for the contact.

  • The buttons in the upper-right corner of this tab provide tools to Print, Add, Edit, and Delete reports with insurance data.
  1. Print: The Insurance tab provides a variety of insurance reports to categorize the data according to your preferences. For more information about these reports, see Insurance Tab Reports.
  2. Add: Used to add another Insurance policy. See Adding Insurance Policies for more information.
  3. Edit: Used to edit an existing Insurance policy. See Adding Insurance Policies for more information.
  4. Delete: Used to remove an Insurance policy from a contact record.
  • To see more detail regarding an insurance policy, double click on the line or click once and then click on the Edit button. A screen like the one below will be brought up. The area boxed in green holds data specific to different types of insurance policies.

Add Insurance Polcies

Junxure provides several insurance-specific data fields to track your contacts' insurance information. This data will show on the contact's Insurance Tab and Action Tab as well as displaying a summary on the Accounts/Asset Tab. Follow the steps to add an Insurance policy to a contact record.

  • Open a contact record and click on the Insurance Tab.

  • In the right corner of the tab, click on the Add icon. The Insurance Details window appears. Note: All drop-down menus not specific to Client Data can be customized to fit your practice through List Data Maintenance.

Drop-Down Menus:

  • Type: Eight insurance types are pre-defined in Junxure: Life, Disability, LTC (Long Term Care), Dental, Health, Home, Auto, or Umbrella. See below for images of each sub-tab. Other life insurance types can be added through List Data Maintenance with the sub-category details manually chosen.
  • Plan Type: More specific classification of the insurance type, such as term, property, etc.
  • Insurance Company: The company issuing the insurance to the contact.
  • Owner/Insured: Initials or title (such as Client, Spouse, etc) of the policy owner and insured.
  • Owner Text: For printed reporting purposes, this provides a more complete name for the owner. Click Insurance Tab Reports for more information.
  • Status: Such as Open, Closed, Pending, etc.
  • Filename: Use this field to navigate to scanned images of the policy for easy reference. It is recommended that these be stored in your Company Files Documents Folderbut not necessary. To attach a file, simply click on the file folder button to the right of the field and navigate to the file.
  • Primary/Secondary Beneficiary: These fields will connect to contacts currently in Junxure.

Insurance Type Detail Drop-Down Menu

When choosing a pre-defined insurance type in Junxure, the appropriate data fields will be displayed. This enables you to see additional data specific to each type of policy. The image below shows the different Insurance Types in the drop-down menu to choose the appropriate Insurance policy.

Tag an Action to an Insurance Policy

Once the Insurance Policies have been entered in the appropriate contact records, you can now tag related Actions to Insurance policies for easy reference.

  • Go to a contact record and click on the Actions Tab. Then click on the Actions sub-tab.

  • Open the related Action by double-clicking on the Action. Click on the Insurance sub-tab. In the Policy column, use the drop-down menu to select an existing insurance policy to tag the Action to. Once this is done, a green check mark will appear beside Insurance.

  • Now go back to the Actions Tab and then click on the Insurance Tab. You should now see the Actions that you just tagged.

Print Insurance Tab Reports

The Insurance tab provides a variety of insurance reports to categorize the data per your preferences. These reports can be produced in a multiple file formats to make them readily available to Print, Email, Publish, or Edit.

Open a contact's record and click the Insurance Tab. Click the Print icon on the right menu to display the drop-down menu of available reports.

When Junxure generates the report, a new window like the one below will open:

  • Insurance Summary: Displays insurance information sorted by policy as an excellent overview of the insurance situation for the contact and to identify areas of need.
  • Life Insurance Detail: Displays each Policy's Owner, Insured, Beneficiary, Amount, Cash Value, Annual Premium, Company, Plan Type, Policy Number, Policy Date, and Beneficiary information such as the Beneficiary type (Primary or Secondary), Weight, Percent, and Note.
  • Property Casualty: Displays the Insured, Owner, Property covered, Company, Policy number, Annual Premium, any limits, Deductible, and Policy date.
  • Insurance Notes: This report displays only the policies with notes in the details.
See the Insurance Report Wizard to create customized reports based on the Insurance Tab information. Also, see the Insurance Rule Builder for more information.
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