Document Tab Overview

Document Tab Overview

The Documents Tab provides links to view documents associated with each contact. These documents are not stored in Junxure, but are linked to the tab for your convenience. This provides easy access to letters, scanned documents or any other documents pertaining to an individual client without having to leave Junxure. There is no limit to how many folders you can create.

The File Folder names are completely customizable, and should be one of the first things set up for an office new to Junxure. Go to Build File Folders for more information.

These documents are not part of Junxure Data and as such are not automatically included on the system backups. If you are not performing separate data backups, the Junxure backup provides an option to back up and create a compressed copy of these documents in “Company Files” (this is typically found at the P:\Junxure\Company File). See Junxure Backup for more details.

Documents located in this section comes from various sources:

  • Documents and file located in the contact’s Company Folders, manually placed there by your office.
  • Documents/Emails that were created using the Letter/Envelope Wizard or Global Email Wizard. By default these are located in P:\Junxure\MergeHist. This will often be linked through the Action Detail screen and will also show in the Documents Tab.
  • Documents or Email Attachments created through Actions are stored in P:\Junxure\Doc or in P:\Junxure\XLS and will usually be linked through that Action Detail screen and in the Documents Tab. Please see Creating a Single Document for more details.

View Individual Folders: In the View above, the folder names appear in the left column. To display the documents, click on the folder name located in the grid on the right-hand side. You can choose to see multiple folders by clicking on the folder names.

  • Unspecified: If a document is added to an Action in Junxure and it is not assigned to a specific folder, the document will be assigned to Unspecified.
  • View All Folders: When this box is checked, it will display all the documents regardless of which folder they are in.
  • Open Files: To view the files, double-click on the line in the grid to the right. This will open the document for view.

“Tree View” on the Documents Tab

The View below is called the “Grid View” by clicking on the “Tree View” icon at the top of the tab, the screen will display like any Windows Explorer tree. A document can be opened by double clicking on the name from any view.

Use the Grid View button circled in green below to return to the previous viewer. To see documents within a folder, click on the plus (+) button circled in red.

To close that folder, click the minus button (-) also circled in red. To Expand or Collapse all folders, use the buttons boxed in red.

You can use the Refresh button to update the list to display recently added documents.

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