Estate Tab

Estate Tab

This tab stores the client’s Estate Planning documents and Gift information all in one location for easy retrieval.

How to use the Estate Tab

To access the Estate Tab, open a contact record and click on the Estate Tab. Then, you will click on the Estate Planning Documents Tab.

  • Document Type: Examples of Document types are Wills and Trusts. You will use the down arrow to choose the appropriate document type. You must also create the Estate Document list in List Data Maintenance.
  • Document For: Indicates who the Estate documents belongs to.
  • Date Recommended: The date that was recommended by you that the client prepare the document.
  • Date Executed: The date that the document was executed.
  • Date Last Reviewed: The date the document was last reviewed or updated.
  • TIN: This field is used for Tax Identifications Numbers for Trusts, etc.
  • Filename: A free-type field that allows the document to be given a specific name.
  • View Scan: View a copy of the original scanned document by clicking this button.
  • Add: Used to add a new document to the list.
  • Edit: Used to edit an existing document in the list.
  • Delete: Used to delete a specific document in the list.
  • Print: Used to display the Estate Planning Documents Report that shows the list of all documents and pertinent dates.

Estate Documents Detail View

Double-click on any line item to open the Detail View window. You will use this window to Enter/Edit notes about the document or attach a scanned document to the entry.

  • Filename: The File button (which is located to the right of the filename field circled in red) directs Junxure to the location of a scanned copy of the document.
  • View File: (circled in green) This button is used to view the document that you have directed Junxure to.
  • Primary & Secondary Beneficiaries/Trustees: (circled in blue) The best practice is to have these individuals listed in Junxure. Use the drop-down menu to add the people to each listing as necessary. You can also add the beneficiary information into the contact area.
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