Action Detail Screen: Action Detail Toolbar

Action Detail Screen: Action Detail Toolbar

All Actions in Junxure have a top menu that displays different functions that can be performed within the Action Detail Screen.

Available Features:

  • Delete the Action (this cannot be undone).
  • Open the Action Form Navigation Tool.
  • When a user opens a locked Action (meaning someone else is viewing the Action), a Read Only version appears. Click this button to receive a notification when the Action is available again for editing.
  • Send a contact’s name, address and phone numbers to a cell phone through a text message. This will work only for cell phones associated with Junxure users. See Users for more details on how to set up this feature.
  • Link the Action to the Financial Planning Tab but through the FMA Sub-Tab. This is similar to the Goals Sub-Tab.
  • Apply an Action Sequence to the client. This will add multiple Actions that are dependent on one another in sequential order. For more information, please see Action Sequences.
  • Add another Action to the current contact. This is helpful if the current Action that is being created has more than one step or tasks for multiple users.
  • Move or copy the Action to another contact record.
  • Get a second Alert at a designated time. This can be scheduled in minutes, hours, or days away.
  • Print the Action.
  • View the contact record without having to close out of the Action. This is also useful if the Action Detail Screen was opened in the My Pending Actions area on the Main Menu.
  • Close and hide the current Action. Use the Hidden Actions button on the main menu or from a Contact Record to see a list of actions you've hidden.
  • Close the Action and saves the changes that were made.
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