Action Detail Screen: Client Data, Date/Employee/Type/Process, Notes Boxes

Action Detail Screen: Client Data, Date/Employee/Type/Process, Notes Boxes

Client Data

These fields are in the upper left that are automatically populated by Junxure. This section provides you with basic client data (The client’s name, mailing address, phone numbers, SSN, etc.) that is pulled from both the Contact Info Tab and the Profile Tab. If you want to view more information that is stored in this section, use the right-hand scroll bar.

Date/Employee/Type/Process Fields

The fields used in this section will help you to categorize Actions that can be used in reporting.

  • Date & Employee: The fields here are automatically entered by Junxure based on the user that was logged in the system when the Action was created.
  • Type: This indicates the source of the Action (Example: Email, Phone Call, Letter or Note). These should be kept simple as they will affect various reports in Junxure.
  • Process: This is used to further categorize your Actions by enabling you to indicate a broad category. Examples are Financial Planning or Estate Planning.
  • Planning Process: A more advanced feature of the Junxure program that allows you to graphically chart your progress on a series of Action by using the Graphical Planning Work Status Report.
  • Exclude From History: This box is checked to indicate that the Action is to be excluded from the History report.

Notes Boxes

In the Notes Boxes area, there are three main boxes in the center screen that are used for capturing notes and follow-up items for the Action. These boxes also provide fields for tracking time and billing data regarding the actual time spent performing a task.

  • Note: Used to capture notes that are related to the Action.
  • Action Description: This area is used for entering in details about what needs to be done in the Action. This could be calling the client, send paperwork, etc.
  • Follow Up Action Note: This field is used for entering in follow up notes about the Action that is needed to complete the Action. An example could be to follow up with client to see if their required forms are completed.

Please see the Action Detail Sub-tabs for more information on these tabs.

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