Action Detail Sub-Tabs

Action Detail Sub-Tabs

The sub-tabs that are located at the bottom of the Action Detail Screen provides additional space for the user to store and view client’s information.

These sub-tabs are:

  • Main: Where you can capture data whether action is required or not.
  • Documents: Where you can link unlimited files to an Action.
  • Emails: More than one email can be stored to a single Action.
  • Expenses: Tracks expenses that are related to a single Action.
  • Goals: Enables you to quickly attach an Action to the client’s goals through the Financial Planning: Goals Tab.
  • Opportunities: Used to record money opportunities.
  • Custom Fields: Used for any custom fields necessary for operations.
  • Action Sequence: Outlines the position of the current Action in the sequence.
  • Associates: Shows all associates related to the contact record.
  • Accounts: Allows you to tag an Action to an Account.
  • Insurance: Allows you to tag an Action to an Insurance policy.

To save checking every tab on every action, tabs with data will automatically be marked with a green checkmark.

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