Action Detail Screen: Documents/Emails/Expenses/Goals

Action Detail Screen: Documents/Emails/Expenses/Goals

Documents Tab

On the Documents Tab, you can link an unlimited number of files to an action. These files can be stored on a networked drive or created through Junxure (See Creating Documents and Communications). Often, documents are stored in your Company Files folder that gives you quick access through the contact’s Documents Folder. The purpose is to provide access to related files – an example is if forms were sent to a client, a cover letter would be created through Junxure and the forms are scanned or saved in a PDF format. Because of this, both documents will be attached to the Action for easy access later.

Storing documents on this tab will not change the location of the physical file, but this will create a “link” or a shortcut to where the file is stored.

Emails Tab

The Emails tab is used for Multiple emails and email strings for attachment to a single Action. The text and attachments that are associated with the emails can be previewed through the tabs on the right. You can create emails through this tab or the Main tab. For more details on how to create emails through Junxure, please see Creating Emails through Actions.

Expenses Tab

The Expenses tab tracks the expenses related to a certain Action such as gifts, travel fees, etc. These will reflect on the Global Financial Reports as well as the individual reports for the client. Please see the link for Billing and Expenses for more information.

Goals Tab

The Goals tab links directly to the Financial Planning: Goals Tab which enables you to quickly attach an Action to a client’s goals. See Contributing Actions to Goals for more information.

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