Creating Actions Overview

Creating Actions Overview

Actions are an extremely powerful and flexible component of Junxure to help you track everything you do. Actions can take the form of tasks, activities performed or anything else that you'd like to log related to a Record. Effectively using Actions can help your firm keep track of steps in a workflow, help you document and track notes/information that may be useful in an audit, or they can simply serve as a to-do list of tasks.

For more information on creating Actions, refer to Adding a Single Action. The screenshot below displays the important pieces for creating Actions. Junxure provides many fields for linking and creating tasks, but this will give a basic overview.

The Critical Details for Creating Actions

Junxure completes basic details for you when an Action is created, but there are other fields that require manual attention (please see Action Detail and Adding a Single Action for more information).

  • Pre-filled Data: This information is pre-filled by Junxure as well as the Date and Employee. The date and Employee that will populated is the date that the Action was created and the user who started the Action.
  • Type: The purpose of the Action such as Email, Meeting, Task, Note, etc. Many reports in the Action Management area pull data from this field.
  • Note Boxes: Please refer to this link for Adding a Single Action.
  • Action Required/Assigned To: The Action Required checkbox must be checked if there is a task that requires attention. Once the task is assigned to a user, this person will see this in their Pending Actions screen and they will also get an Alert about the task.
  • Due Date: This field is important because Junxure will place this in the right place on the user’s Pending Actions reports. Junxure will place the task at the bottom of the list if there is no due date assigned for the task.
Processes and Keywords are used to categorize Actions for quick retrieval and reporting. Please see Action Process and Keywords for more information.

Action Notifications

  • When a new action is set up and assigned as Action Required, the user that is assigned to the action will receive an Alert in the form of a popup message. That message will notify them that a new task has been added to their Pending Actions list. The Pending Actions list is located on the Main Menu.
  • If the user would like to set up a reminder for the action, a Reminder can be set to add an Action alert for a later time or date.
  • FYI Alerts can be sent at any time to notify others of status changes or updates to keep them informed of what is going on.
  • When Actions are completed, they will receive an automatic FYI alert to notify them of the status.
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