Searching Actions within a Contact Record

Searching Actions within a Contact Record

Junxure provides many tools for locating Actions for contacts. The Action Search is a simple tool that will locate only the Actions listed on the Action Tab. You can use the Action Keywords to make it easy to find specific Action items.

Note: The Linked Actions Tab will allow you to view Actions that are linked quick and easy.

How to Search for Actions

  • Open a contact record.
  • Go to the Actions Tab > Actions Sub-Tab. Click on the Search option located in the upper right.

  • Junxure opens the Action Search window. This function allows you to save searches for future use (A saved search can be used for any contact). Saved searches previously saved will be displayed in the left-hand column that is colored in yellow.

  • If an action keyword was used, indicate which keyword or keywords in the center column. The right column which is highlighted in green below, will search the Notes Boxes in the contact's Actions for matching text.

  • Choose the logic to use for the search at the far right. For example, you want to find the word 529 OR education opposed to finding the word 529 AND Education. So, if an action mentioned 529 Plans but did not mention Education, the OR logic would show this action, but the AND logic would not.

  • If you know the Action ID, you can search by the ID in the Single Action ID box below.

  • If this is a search you may use in other contacts or later, name the search at the top of the window and click the Save button.

  • When all criteria are entered, click Search.

  • Junxure will produce screen showing the results similar to the one below. To go back and edit your search, click on the Edit Search option. Use the Print Report button to print results or double click on any line to see the action detail for that action.

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Search Actions using the Action Tab Sub-Tabs

You can also search for Actions using the sub-tabs in the Actions Tab. In this section, you can search for Actions that are based on Type, Process, and Action Keywords.



Action Keywords

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