Creating a Recurring Action

Creating a Recurring Action

A Recurring Action is defined as any task that occurs on the same date on a regular basis. For example: the 1st of the month, every other Monday or Jan 1st of every year. Junxure creates a new Action that is based on the calendar date indicated and assigns it to the appropriate person.

In this topic, we will cover:

  • Creating a Recurring Actions
  • Add a Recurring Action to Another Client
  • Delete a Recurring Action

Create a Recurring Action

  • Open a contact record and click on the Actions Tab > Recurring Actions Tab.
  • Click on Add New Recurring Action in the upper right.

  • The Add/Edit Recurring Action window opens. Complete the Date Setup in this section:

    • First Action Date: The date that the Recurring Action is to begin.
    • Expires On: If there is an end date, you will note this here. Otherwise, a date that is far in the future will need to be here.
    • Interval Period: This is the interval that the Recurring Action shows: Daily, Monthly, Weekly, Quarterly, or Yearly.
    • Interval Amount: The number of intervals before the Recurring Action Sequence should be generated. For example: if the interval is quarterly and you need the Action alert to appear once a quarter, enter 1 in this field. To happen every 2 quarters (twice a year), enter a 2 in this field.
    • Date Last Reviewed: Select the date that the Action was last reviewed.
    • How many days from the Action date will it be due: Select the number of days if applicable.
  • In the Recurring Action Details section, highlighted green below, fill in the data that will be in the Action Detail when the next occurrence is added. See Adding a Single Action for more information on completing these fields.
  • The Populate from Action Template allows you to use an action template that already been set up for your recurring action.
  • The Action radio button will make the recurring action a single action. The Action Sequence radio button allows you to make an action sequence that has already been set up in your system a recurring sequence based on the criteria specified in the yellow section below.

  • Click Preview Setup to see a graphical representation of when the task will be entered and due. A screen similar to that below will be displayed. Junxure will show each occurrence in the grid to the left and graphically show the start date and due date on the calendar to the right.

  • If any date setup data is changed, click Refresh to update the preview window.

When the setup is completed, close out of the window by clicking on the Close button. The Recurring Action that was just created will now appear in the Recurring Actions sub-tab.

Add a Recurring Action to Another Client/Copying Recurring Action

If you would like to add an identical Recurring Action to a different contact, you can do this through the Recurring Actions Sub-Tab.

Follow the steps below to copy a Recurring Action:

  • At the top of the tab, you will see a button called Copy Current Recurring Action to Another Client. Click on this button.
  • The Copy Recurring Action window opens. Choose from the drop-down menu of Select the Client to copy this Recurring Action to the client that you want to copy this Action to.
  • Once you have chosen your client, click on Copy Recurring Action to Selected Client. This will copy the Action over to the selected client but will not remove the Action from the current client.

Delete a Recurring Action

If you add a recurring action to the wrong contact, you can manually delete the item from the grid by highlighting the line on the Recurring Actions Sub-tab and press the Delete key on your keyboard.

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