Track Expenses through Actions/Contact Record Report

Track Expenses through Actions/Contact Record Report

In Junxure, you can track expenses through Actions.

  • To do this, open a contact record and click on the Actions Tab > Actions Sub-tab.

  • Either add a new action or locate your existing Action and double-click on it to open the Action Detail Screen.
  • The Action Detail screen will open. Go to the Expenses sub-tab in the Action that is circled in red below. Enter in the data relating to the expense. The category is set up in List Data Maintenance.
  • Enter in the details of the expense using the columns in the grid. A running total of the expenses will appear at the bottom of the grid. When you are finished, you can close the Action to save the changes.

  • This data is automatically reflected on the Contact’s Dashboard Tab in the Client Info section. The expenses are recorded on the pink line and are also displayed in the Revenue – Expenses line. This will give an immediate tracking of the profitability of the client over the lifespan of the relationship, Year to Date, last 12 months or 90 days. Please refer to the Dashboard Tab for more details.

Tracking Time Using the Contact Record Report

The feature known as Time Spent tracks time for one contact using the text from the existing Actions on the contact’s Actions Tab. Please refer to the Time-Billing Expense Report to see time reports for multiple contacts.

  • To access time reports for one contact, open a contact record and click on the Time Spent icon on the top right menu.

  • The Time Spent Report On This Client window will open. The Start/End Date fields (circled in red) should be adjusted by what is needed to show in the report.
  • Click on the Preview Results button (circled in green) to display the results in the grid. Once you are satisfied with the results, click on the Print Report button (boxed in blue).

  • A report similar to the one below will display:

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