Create Envelope or Label for One Contact

Create Envelope or Label for One Contact

Like printing Envelopes and Labels for multiple clients (please see Letter/Envelope Wizard), you can do the same for an individual contact. Use the quick Label/Envelope feature to print a single envelope or label for the selected contact.

  • Open a contact's record and click the Label/Envelope icon located at the upper right hand corner of the contact's screen.

  • In the Quick Envelopes or Labels window, select an address from the left column for the selected contact. The selected address appears in the Mail To section. If an action note should be added, place the text in the Note box on the bottom right.
  • Use the custom label drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen to select a template. Click Print as shown below circled in red.
  • The Merge will open in Microsoft Word. Click the Finish and Merge function to merge the document and prepare it for printing.

The Junxure Label Writer has become deprecated by updates to Windows and Microsoft Office. We no longer recommend using the Junxure Label Writer function of Junxure. Use the Print function at the bottom rather than the green circled button.
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