Global Email Wizard

Global Email Wizard

The Global Email Wizard can be used to create email messages and corresponding Actions for multiple contacts at once. See Creating Email through Actions to send email to single contacts through Junxure and Email Templates for instructions on creating these tools.

To use the Global Email Wizard, go to Letters > Global Email Wizard.

Click Next on the Welcome to the Global Email Wizard screen to begin.

On the next page:

  • In the Contact Rule section, choose an existing rule category and rule name from the drop down menus. You may also click New to create a new contact rule. (See Rule Builders for more information.)
  • In the Additional Rule Builder to Use section, choose a second rule if you would like to further filter your results. You may use Rules created from the Action, Account, Opportunity, or Insurance Rule Builder (optional).
  • In the Email Address to Use section, choose which email address to apply (primary, home, work, etc). Primary is default and is the best practice.
  • To also send this email to any Associates with CC (copy correspondence) indicated on the Associates Tab, click the Copy Correspondence checkbox.
  • To send the email to other email addresses on the contact record marked as “Additional”, select the checkbox of CC all emails address marked as additional.
  • Click Next at the bottom to continue.

Junxure will identify for you any contact record that does not match the overall type of email chosen above by highlighting the line in red with exclamation marks.

In this case, a primary email address has not been indicated. Double click on any line item to select another available email address or to add an address.

When a contact line is double-clicked, an email address window like the one below will open. Place a check mark next to the Primary email address (or double click on the appropriate address). Click on the Update Wizard button, circled in red. You will be returned to the wizard.

When you return to the wizard, Junxure may still have a warning indicator next to the client's name. Click the Back button and then the Next button to leave and return this screen, refreshing the data. You can see Scott Address email has been added and the warning has been removed below. From this screen you can also un-check any contact that should not receive the email by clicking on the check box under the Select column to remove the check mark. Click Next at the bottom to continue.

The wizard will now prompt you to enter details that you would like to include in the Action. If this requires no further action beyond the creation of the email, fill in the Type, Process, Action Keyword, and Note box. (The Completed checkbox will be selected by default.) If action is required, add notes to the Action Description box and click the Action Required button and complete the area boxed in red. Add Action Keywords if necessary. Click Next to continue.

Junxure will provide a report of the results as indicated in prior steps. Review this for accuracy and use the Back button to change any steps. Give a concise but descriptive name for this email in the area boxed in red below. This will be used to access the email in the Letter History for reporting purposes, but will not show up anywhere on the outgoing email itself.

Click Finish to log the actions and to create the email.

Junxure will produce two pop-up warnings. Click Yes to record in Actions (adding a new Action to each recipients Actions tab). Do not exit the wizard until you are finished.

An email window will open. Depending on the version of Microsoft Outlook being used, this window may look slightly different on your computer, but the Junxure tools should appear the same in the right hand side of the window.

Fill in the fields as you would any email or use the merge fields to have Junxure auto-fill data from the contact record. See Creating Email through Actions for more information regarding creation of emails through Junxure. You may also use an Email Template that has already been created to populate your email text.

Click Merge and Send when email creation is completed.

You can now click Yes to exit the wizard. This global email will now be available in Letter History and if selected, will display as new Actions in each contact's Actions Tab.

They will also show individually on the Global Email Report.

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