Letter History

Letter History

The Letter History contains a list of Letters, E-mails, or Documents created in Junxure. This comes from using the Letter/Envelope, Global Email, or Global Action Wizards.

Follow the steps below to view the Letter History:

In Junxure, go to Letters > Letter History.

In the right panel of the screen, a list of your Letter and Document Templates appears.

Select the Letter or Document from the grid and double click on the item to view. The Letter/Email History Details window opens. This screen will display the description and filename of the document as well as the employee who sent the document and the date it was sent. In the grid is a list of contacts who received the letter or document.


  • Click Reprint Letter to open the Letter Template in Microsoft Word.
  • Click Print Recipient List to print a report showing all the contacts who received this Letter or Document.

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