Email Templates: Viewing and Categorizing Email Templates

Email Templates: Viewing and Categorizing Email Templates

Email Templates enable you to automatically add text, attachments, and insert basic client data (client address, for example) into an email. Templates can be used for individual or group emails.

Use Email Templates to create:

  • A basic standard email layout that always includes a personalized greeting and closing - "Dear Joe and Sue:"
  • A response emails that contain a consistent message from your staff.
  • Marketing messages addressed to prospects each year regarding an annual event, including an attached invitation.

In this topic, learn how to:

For optimal use of email handling with Microsoft® Outlook, we recommend using the HTML format. See How to Use the Junxure Outlook Add-In for more information.

See Creating Email through Actions for information on creating single emails. Also see Global Email Wizard to create email for multiple clients at once.

View Email Templates/Create New Email Template Category

To view the current Email Templates and create new Template Categories, go to Letters > Email Templates.

Your Email Templates grid appears. On the left, you can select a Category and the corresponding templates appear in the Email Templates For Category grid to the right. If you have "All" selected, you will see Email Templates All Categories.

To create a new category of Email Templates: Click New next to the Category Field.

Type in the name of your category and click Save.

Your category appears in the left column:

To delete a category: Select a category from the left and click Delete. A pop-up window will appear that will ask if you are sure about deleting the category. Click Yes to confirm or No/Cancel to not delete the category.

You will need to re-assign categories for each template before deleting a category if there are existing templates within the category.
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