Create a Single Document

Create a Single Document

You can create a document for one person in the contact's details using actions. Follow the steps below to create a document for one contact using actions. See Letter/Envelope Wizard for information regarding documents for multiple contacts, see Creating Document Templates.

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Create a Single Document

Open the contact's Contact Record. In the Contact Header Bar, choose the "letter" action template or another action template from the drop down menu as shown below. For information about creating or editing action templates, see Customizing Action Templates.

The Action Detail Screen opens similar to the one below. See Adding a Single Action for more information on completing the primary fields.

Go to the Documents Sub-tab in the Action Detail as shown below. Click on the W icon to create a word document. (See Excel Documents in Actions for information on the Excel Icon. The third button will open a blank Microsoft® PowerPoint presentation.)

The Create Word Document window opens. Select the appropriate document template in the area highlighted yellow below (see Creating Document Templates for more information). If the Document has a signature field, indicate whose signature and the type in the area highlighted green (see Using Signatures for more information).

If envelopes or labels need to be printed, click the Create Labels circled in blue below.

Uncheck the Use mail merge data source to have Junxure produce a document without mail merge fields. This means Junxure will pull the appropriate data into the merge fields and lock them into the document, allowing you to edit as necessary, but you will not be able to autofill any new data (mail merge fields). If this box is checked, the document will open as a Mail merge document, allowing you to enter more merge fields, but will require you to merge and lock the document before completing.

The standard Merge source for most letters will be clientmerge.rtf. See Merge Sources for details on choices available in this field.

The Document template will open in Microsoft® Word. Edit the document as needed. Click the Save button to save the changes. Click the Print button to print the letter, and then close the Word window.

If the Use mail merge data source option was chosen, a pop-up will open, prompting you to lock the document. Click Yes to lock the document, which saves the document as a letter with complete data not simply a merge document with empty fields. When creating a single document, locking the document will ensure that merged data can not be automatically updated when you update information in the database. The document can still be edited at any time.

After saving and printing the letter, you will be prompted to print your labels. Select Yes to print out an envelope.

The Quick Envelope or Labels window will appear. Select the address you would like to print on the envelope.

Microsoft Word will open and your envelope will be visible with the appropriate layout and merge fields (best viewed in the Print Layout mode). Select the Print Results button to preview the merged address information. Use the Finish & Merge button to print out your envelope.

In the action Documents Sub-tab, you will now see the merged document which can be opened and viewed at any time. Before closing out of the action, make sure you fill out the action completely, noting what was done and adding any appropriate Process and Action Keywords as needed, then if nothing else needs to be done you can check the action off as completed and close.

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