Profile Tool

Profile Tool

The Profile Tool allows you to add or remove classifications, keywords, interests, custodians, advisors, and record owners for multiple contacts on a single menu.

In Junxure, go to Database Tools > Profile Tool. A window similar to the one below will open.

  • To apply a rule to filter your database, use the Rule Category and Rule Name fields. Click New Rule to add a new rule. To view all contacts in your database, click <Select All Contacts> from the drop-down menu for Rule Category.
  • Click Apply Rule as shown to update the grid below. Clients in your database that fit your rule will be listed.

  • Use the Select column to choose which clients need added or removed data. Select the checkboxes next to each desired name. Click Clear All at the top of the grid to remove all checkmarks and Select All to add checkmarks to all names. To see only those clients that have checkmarks next to their name, use the Hide Unselected Clients checkbox.

  • Once the appropriate list of contacts has been chosen, use the tabs at the top of the screenshot below to choose the type of data points to change: Keywords, Classifications, Interests, Custodians, and Advisor 1 & 2 are on the contact's Profile Tab. Record Owner is on the Contact Info Tab and affects which users/employees are given permission to view the contact record. See Employee Groups for more information regarding setup of these groups.
  • Use the drop-down menus provided to select existing data to apply to the selected contacts. Click the Add or Remove button to indicate the action.
  • Click Go to add or remove the data to/from the selected contact records.

If the keyword, classification, interest, or custodian does not currently exist in the database, use the button circled in blue above to add it to the system, or use List Data Maintenance.

Junxure adds/removes the information to the contacts' records and a confirmation of the action appears notifying you that the data was added/removed for the number of selected contacts. Click OK to clear the message.

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