Update Outlook

Update Outlook

The Update Outlook feature allows you to view your current Microsoft Outlook® settings as well as update your Outlook Folder selections. You can also use the Update Outlook feature to set up Outlook calendars to use from Junxure.

To access this tool:

Go to Database Tools > Update Outlook.

The Update Outlook screen appears. Click either View current settings or View Current Settings and Refresh Outlook Folder Lists.

View Current Settings

Choosing this option will open the Outlook Folder Options screen. Here you will be able to view your current Outlook settings without refreshing your folder selections.

This is a View Only option. To make changes to your Outlook folder options, click View Current Settings And Refresh Outlook Folder Lists.

View Current Settings And Refresh Outlook Folder Lists

Choosing this option will allow you to refresh your selected Outlook folders that are available in both your calendar and the contact drop-down menus. You can also set up your Outlook calendars to use them from Junxure.

Begin by clicking View Current Settings And Refresh Outlook Folder Lists. The tool will search for shared calendars; this may take a few minutes to complete.

Once complete, the Outlook Folder Options screen will appear. You can view and edit the following options:

View Field Mapping

This option will display a field map of Junxure fields that match up with Outlook fields.

Click Close to close this screen.

Edits Made From Outlook

This option will display the Audit Edits - Changes Made From Outlook screen. You can filter these results using the three columns shown below:

Click View Results to see updated results. Click Close to close this screen.

Calendar Folder Setup

If you have set up calendars to use from Junxure, you will be able to view the Calendar name and the Outlook Path in the fields provided.

To set up your Outlook calendar to use from Junxure:

  • Click the drop-down menu under the Outlook Path column to locate your calendar.
  • Under the Calendar Name column, name your calendar something easy to remember. (You can click the folder icon in this column to view the calendar in Outlook)

You will now be able to create appointments on your Outlook calendar(s) from an action.

Use the dropdown next to the Outlook Contact Folder field to select a folder. You can also select an Employee Group to filter your information.

In this section, you can determine how Junxure interacts with your selected folder:

You can include Birthdays and Anniversaries

You can use a Manual Export Rule for your contacts

You can choose commands that allow you to import Outlook Contacts into Junxure by clicking Import. Outlook contacts marked Private will not be imported.

Click Save Settings to save your changes.

Contact Folder Setup

For more information on synchronizing your contacts with Outlook, see Syncing Contacts with Outlook.

Educational Video:

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