Microsoft Outlook Calendar Setup

Microsoft Outlook Calendar Setup

Junxure offers an integration with Microsoft Outlook that enables customers to utilize the calendar feature within Outlook. Junxure also offers an internal company-wide calendar feature. See Junxure Calendar Setup for more information.

There is no limit to the number of Outlook calendars that you use, but some users may not have access to these calendars: in particular, offices without Exchange server.

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Set Up Your Microsoft Outlook Calendar

In Junxure, go to Database Tools > Update Outlook.

You will be prompted to view current settings or update Outlook folder selections. Click the link under Update Outlook Folder Selections to update Junxure with the information from Outlook.

You will see the loading screen below as Junxure and Outlook communicate.

The Calendar Folder Setup screen appears.

  • Areas highlighted in yellow are related to synchronizing contacts between Junxure and Outlook. See Synching Contacts with Outlook for more information.
  •  In the section highlighted green, type in the name for the calendar to use, such as OfficeCalendar or SharedCalendar. Select a calendar by clicking the in the Outlook Path column to select from the drop down. You can click the folder button to view the calendar in Outlook.

If you are an Exchange user and do not see the calendar you want, you may need to contact your network administrator about setting up user rights in Outlook.

Click Save Settings in the upper-right corner to retain these settings.

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