Action Sequence Setup

Action Sequence Setup

Action Sequences are a set of Actions that are dependent on or related to one another. These will all be triggered by a single Action, with subsequent tasks being added concurrently or at the completion of a dependent Action. Action Sequences save you time by adding several Actions at once instead of adding each one individually.

The Action Sequence Setup tool will enable you to create individual Actions for different steps of a procedure in your office such as account setup, transfers, client reporting, even review preparation. While the circumstances may vary slightly from client to client, the system can provide a basic skeleton to save time for groups of actions that are done repeatedly. Actions in a sequence can be dependent upon each other - meaning one action will not be added until the preceding is completed.

For all intents and purposes, Actions added through the Action Sequence tool will look and act like all other actions, except for spurring a dependent action if one is necessary. When an Action Sequence is added to a single Contact Record, the Action Tab > Action Sequences sub-tab enables you to easily track which sequences have been assigned to the client and what stage of completion they have achieved. Action Sequences can be added singly or globally by a Rule. See Rules for more information about using this tool to filter your database. See Global Action Sequence Wizard for more information about adding to multiple clients.

Junxure provides the Existing Action Sequences Report to review all existing Action Sequences currently pending in Junxure.

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Accessing the Action Sequence Setup Window

To access Action Sequences that have already been created or to create a new Action Sequence, go to System Setup > Action Sequence Setup.

The center column lists categories for your action sequences. Selecting a row in this column will display the corresponding action sequences in the right panel of the screen.

Selecting a row in this right panel populates the Action Steps below, with a more visual detail of these steps available in the bottom right panel.

Double-click the name of any Action Sequence in the Actions Sequences for <Category> section to open the Build New Action Sequence window.

From this screen you can edit the Action Sequence you are viewing, add additional Actions to this Sequence, duplicate, or delete the selected Sequence, add a new Action Squence, or print.

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