Create an Action Sequence

Create an Action Sequence

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Go to System Setup > Action Sequence Setup. Your existing Action Sequences appear in the middle column by category. The grid to the right lists corresponding Action Sequences to your selected category. The bottom right windows list action steps for your selected action sequence.

Click Add New Sequence from the menu.

The Build New Action Sequence window appears. Complete the following fields in the top portion of the screen.

  • Categories organize the sequences for quick retrieval using descriptions such as administrative, prospect, financial planning, and etc. Category names are created through List Data Maintenance.
  • Name the Action Sequence with a brief description.
  • Process Name: Optional - choose a process to further categorize your action sequence, or leave blank for Junxure to automatically add the name of the action sequence as the Process.
  • This is a description of when you will use this sequence.
  • Action ID: Appears automatically and is not editable.
  • Status: Choose from Active, Being Edited, and Decommissioned. (Only Active Action Sequences will be viewable in the list when you select to add an action sequence to a contact record.)
  • Owner: Choose an owner of the action sequence.
  • Last Review: Enter the date this action sequence was last reviewed.

In the bottom portion of the screen, click Add New Action Item. The Edit Sequence Item window will open.

Enter the action details, such as type, note, action required, days till action due, action assigned to, priority, action description, and action keywords, and then click Close to save the action.

The Days Till Action Due is based on the number of days from the date the action is added. See Action Detail for more information about each field in the action detail.

The action appears in the list, as shown below. Click the Add New Action Item button to add the next action, and repeat until you have all the steps in the sequence you need.

When all the individual Actions have been added to the list, they will also appear in the Sequence Window to the right.

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