Edit an Action Sequence

Edit an Action Sequence

To edit an existing Action Sequence, go to System Setup > Action Sequence Setup. Select a category from the center column to locate the Action Sequences that you wish to edit.

Double-click on the Action Sequence in the Actions Sequences for <Category> section to open the Build New Action Sequence window.

Here you may modify your action sequence by adding new action steps, editing the existing action steps, re-arranging action steps, using the drag and drop functionality in the visual display on the right pane, deleting action steps, and changing the category, description, and other information.

Click Close to save your changes.

Changing Sequential Order

To place the individual Actions into a sequential order, click and hold on the Action to be moved, and drag the Action to the appropriate place on the list. The position will be indicated by a thick black I line Shown Below OK-Get client's....

Creating Dependent Steps

When the tasks are in a logical order, you can indicate which steps are dependent on the completion of other steps.

To create a dependency, place your cursor on the "follow up" item, holding down the mouse button and dragging upwards until the mouse is directly over the "Parent Action" text and both line items are highlighted. Release the mouse button.

When the action items and sequential order has been completed, Junxure will save changes when you leave the tool. These will be available to add to clients once you have changed the status from "being edited" to "active". See Adding an Action Sequence for more information.

See Existing Action Sequences Report to review all existing Action Sequences currently pending in Junxure.

Duplicating Action Sequences

Sometimes there are sets of actions that are very similar but may need minor changes. For example, a Platinum Client account setup may require some more advanced Asset allocation, or cost basis setup than a small IRA Account. Or, you may setup accounts through a brokerage platform for some clients, but direct with a mutual fund for others. Junxure provides a quick and easy means to create similar sequences without doing all the data entry twice.

At the top of the Action Sequences Add/Edit window, click the Duplicate this Sequence button. Junxure will request a new name, but duplicate all the existing Actions in the selected sequence. Add or edit the existing actions as necessary.

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