Rules Overview

Rules Overview

Rules help you filter your database based on your desired criteria. In basic terms, a rule is an advanced search. The Rule Builders enable you to view, edit, and create rules that will act as filters for reports and wizards. Rules can also be utilized to help you quickly locate clients based on criteria such as classifications, keywords, age, etc.

There are five types of Rule Builders. Access each by navigating to System Setup > Rule Builders.

Next, select the type of rule you want to build.

Contact Rule Builder: filters data primarily based on information found on the Personal Info and Profile Tab such as Classification, age, Keywords, etc.

Action Rule Builder: filters Actions across all contacts based on data found in the Action Detail Screen such as Keywords, entered by, Assigned to, expenses, billing etc.

Account Rule Builder: filters accounts across all contacts based on data from the Accounts Detail Screen such as Account Type, Value, Discretion, etc.

Opportunity Rule Builder: filters information from the Opportunities Tab.

Insurance Rule Builder: filters information from the Insurance Tab.

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