Users: Add New Users

Users: Add New Users

The Users features in Junxure allows you to create and manage employee information and their user IDs.

In Junxure, go to System Setup > Users. The Users List appears in the right screen, displaying your Junxure Users by ID, name, and basic information. If security is enabled, only your administrators will be able to see this feature.

Adding a New User

Navigate to System Setup > Users then click the Add New Employee button. The Employee Details window will open.


At a minimum, you will need to fill in the First Name, Last Name, Initials, and Email fields. Check the Active box. If the new user is an Advisor, check the Show On Advisor Drop-down box. Add the Employee Groups the user should be a part of by selecting them from the drop down. Click Save then Close.


You will see one of the two following prompts.

If you see the below window, your firm has run the Junxure Security Wizard and the user's Window username must be mapped to their Junxure user name to access Junxure.

Important: Verify with your IT that the new user's Windows username is a member of either the JxUsers or JxAdmins Active Directory Group.


Once verified, click Yes. The system will now scan your Active Directory which may take several minutes or longer. In rare circumstances, this process can take > 1 hour depending on your environment.

The Map Active Directory Users window will appear. Any users highlighted in yellow are active Junxure users that do not have their Windows username mapped.

Select the Windows username from the drop-down. If they are not a member of either the JxUsers or JxAdmins group, their name will not appear on the dropdown. You will then need to begin this process to have the system scan the Active Directory again once they are a member of one of those groups.

If your firm has not run the Junxure Security Wizard, you will be prompted to enter and confirm a Password for this user. Click Yes.

Enter and confirm the new Password for the user. Then click Change Password.

When the user launches Junxure, they will need to select their username and enter this password to access Junxure.

Groups This Employee Belongs to

In this section, you may designate which groups this employee belongs to, enabling you to send out group messages, setup security and apply other tools to multiple employees at once. See Employee Groups for more information.

Signature Type

This section enables you to digitally sign documents created through Junxure, saving time and enabling others to send letters on others' behalf. See User Signatures for more information.

Opt-In Program

In this section, the Junxure Notifications checkbox designates the user as a contact point for Junxure updates. This individual will receive emails from Junxure when program updates are available. This is the most efficient manner of making sure your office has the most current version of Junxure, but not every user needs to receive notifications.

Advisor Group

This section applies to Advisor Group users.

Domain users will be prompted to add the Windows username. Click Yes.

Your Active Directory will begin scanning for users (this may take awhile). Once the scan is complete, a grid with your Active Directory users will appear.

Un-mapped active employee records will appear highlighted. To map a user:

  • Click in the WinUserName field on the highlighted row and a drop-down of all Active Directory users in your domain will display.
  • Select the appropriate user.
  • Close the form to save your changes.
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