Set Up User Rights

Set Up User Rights

Use the Setup User Rights tool to determine which users in your firm (categorized in Employee Groups) have rights to edit fields and tabs in Junxure.

Go to System Setup > Setup Users Rights.

Choose a category from the center column to filter the list of data fields on the right. Click <All> to see all fields.

Data fields are categorized on the right. Use the "+" and minus buttons to expand and close groups.

To edit user rights, use the drop down menu in the SecurityLevel column to choose the appropriate Employee Group (examples: Admin, Everyone, IT).

Click Refresh Menu with New Settings in the top right of the screen once you have made your changes. This will update the settings on your workstation, but other users will need to log out and re-enter Junxure before changes will take effect.

Changing Record Owner on the Contact Info Tab will restrict access to the client data by allowing specific groups to see all of the contact's data. Be aware that this will COMPLETELY remove any record of the contact (including actions, etc.) from any user who is not in that Junxure group. Use with caution. See Contact Info Tab to changes these settings.

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